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Hand protection is a must when it comes to roofing, a job that involves risk of injuries, cuts, and impact shocks. You need a proper pair of gloves that will keep your hands safe, without compromising hand dexterity or your productivity at work.

After researching dozens of work gloves from all the top-rated brands, we recommend MaxiFlex Ultimate Work Gloves as the best ones for roofers. They come at a superior quality, are ultra-thin yet sturdy, 360° breathable, machine washable, comfortable, grippy, abrasion resistant, and deliver exceptionally high-dexterity.

Picking the best gloves for roofing is not easy. There are so many options available on the market, and if it’s your first-time buying work gloves, it can be an overwhelming process.

We analyzed, researched and compared dozens of gloves, and we hope to help you choose the best glove for your needs. Below you’ll find our favorite gloves for roofers, impact-resistant, budget, and cut resistant choices.

1. Best of the Best: MaxiFlex Ultimate Work Gloves

These gloves are our favorite choice due to their superior quality which is the reason why their price tag is a bit higher (but still reasonable).

MaxiFlex Ultimate gloves are super thin, made from a unique blend of materials like micro-foam nitrile, and seamless knit nylon. Also, the gloves are 100% silicone free.

This unique mix of materials makes the glove 360 degrees breathable. Unlike other gloves, MaxiFlex breathes on the back of the hand, as well as on the front.

Your hands shouldn’t sweat in these gloves, the air flows in and out keeping your hands dry and refreshed.

The manufacturer managed to make the gloves super thin and breathable without compromising durability. They’re designed to withstand the abuse and will last longer than other nitrile gloves available on the market.

The level of flexibility, tactility, and dexterity is exceptional, it makes you feel like as you’re working with your bare hands.

These gloves are comfortable to wear all day and are designed to provide an ergonomic and skin-safe fit.

MaxiFlex provides to their customers a wide range of gloves variation in different sizes (from XXS to 3XL), with different types of protection, as well as cut-resistant gloves.

× They’re not designed for impact protection or for cut protection. Another variant is available in a cut-resistant level 3.

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2. Runner-up & Best Budget: SHOWA Atlas Glove

Atlas gloves are well-known among roofers. They’re affordable, comfortable, breathable, machine washable, give superior grip and dexterity.

It’s surprising to see that even in such harsh construction environments like roofing, they are remarkably durable.

You can cut the gloves’ fingertips if you need more dexterity for meticulous tasks.

The rubber coating on the palm does not wear off easily and gives good traction helpful when handling roofing materials.

Even for someone who hates wearing gloves at work, these are ideal. The Atlas gloves are a well fit for roofers, being lightweight, comfortable and flexible.

Maybe they don’t look so stylish like the other ones, but the quality is definitely more than decent. When they get dirty, you can easily wash them in the machine. They won’t get damaged and the rubber coating will not peel off even after a powerful wash.

The gloves are an ideal choice for any type of roofing: from asphalt shingles to metal roofing. The rubber sticks to the metal, preventing the sheet to slip off your hands.

These Showa Atlas gloves are the best option to wear in summer, due to the breathable material that lets air to flow. They fit true to size and are also available in packs of 12 to 144 pairs.

× Be aware: they are not cut-resistant and don’t offer impact protection!

RELABELING: from Atlas » to Showa

If you’re a fan of the Atlas brand, then you probably already noticed the name change from Atlas to Showa. To make things clear, Showa is the manufacturer of the Atlas brand. In order to be international compliant, they had to make this labeling change.

Only the name changed, not the product or quality. So don’t get confused or freak out if you see on the gloves “Showa” instead of “Atlas”.

Don’t worry, the gloves are still the “Atlas” original.

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3. Best (Cut-Resistant) for Metal Roofing: NoCry Protective Work Gloves

NoCry is a popular brand known for manufacturing safety and work gear. In the online world, their multi-purpose cut resistant gloves made them really popular.

NoCry created these gloves for workers especially for jobs where you come in contact with sharp objects, rough materials or glass.

When you work with metal materials, your hands are at risk to get cuts from the sharp edges of the materials. These gloves protect you against cuts and prevent the metal sheets from slipping off your hands.

The gloves are awarded the highest level of cut protection available in the world: Level 5.

The dots you see on the palm are made of silicone and have the purpose to provide a good grip and traction when handling slippery metal materials.

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4. Best for Cold Weather: Showa Atlas Insulated

Atlas Therma Fit gloves keep your hands warm while delivering excellent dexterity, durability, comfort, and grip.

These are high-quality work gloves without a high price tag. The seamless cotton thermal liner adds insulation and keeps your hands warm during colder temperatures.

The rubber coating found on the palm of the glove has the purpose to provide good traction when handling slippery and wet materials. It also protects you from abrasion and cutting.

They’re lightweight and not bulky, making them extra comfortable and flexibility for a good dexterity.

However, in a freezing winter, these gloves are not enough. For extra warmth, you should add some more layers, like a fingerless winter glove above this Atlas glove.

× The gloves are not cut-resistant, and are not waterproof, the rubber coating is water resistant up to a point.

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5. Best for Impact Protection: Mechanix Wear M-Pact

  • Patented Impact Guard
  • Snug & Secure Fit to your Wrist with TPR
  • TPR knuckle guards
  • Fingertip Protection
  • Breathable

Mechanix is one of the top-rated brands in the world, known for its high-quality gloves designed for work, industrial, or tactical purposes. They have a wide range of models and colors to fit almost any need.

This M-Pact Gloves model withstand abuse, it’s durable and built to protect your hands from impact. They’re comfortable to wear and great for dexterity.

The gloves come with TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) + D3O Technology which offers excellent protection from impact injuries and abrasions. Because these extra layers of protection contribute to insulation, the gloves can make your hands sweat more than other models.

Impact Protection with D3O: How it Works

The gloves can be washed in the machine, and are available in multiple colors and styles. Mechanix provide us with a wide range of gloves, including gloves for framers which are partially fingerless.

× This model is not good for keeping you warm in winter or cold temperatures. The material is breathable and it’s not ideal to wear in chilly winters.

× Mechanix Original gloves are not cut-resistant, sharp objects will penetrate the gloves.

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6. Fingerless Gloves: Ironclad Framer Gloves

Instead of cutting your roofing gloves’ fingertips, try some framer’s gloves that are designed with fingerless dexterity.

These Ironclad Framer gloves provide extra dexterity on the thumb, index and middle finger. Yes, these are made for framers but are a great option for roofers too.

Some roofers simply cannot stand gloves and feel that they stay in their way and slow them down. If you feel this way, these gloves might be the ideal choice for you. These Ironclad gloves won’t stay in your way and will let you be as productive as you can.

Comes with Duraclad reinforcements which adds durability without compromising dexterity.

The gloves have thermoplastic knuckle protection to protect the hands against abrasion and impact. Easy and secure to fit on your wrist with the quick release feature.

Ironclad makes a wide variety of gloves, most of them being full finger gloves. You have the option to choose which one fits your needs best.

× The one negative thing about them is the high price.

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We hoped we helped you choose the best gloves for roofing, always remember that safety comes first. Even if you hate wearing gloves, it’s for your own good and they can save you from injuries, shocks or even cuts.


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