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Danner Bull Run | Pros, Cons and Best Features (2020 Full Review)

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After hours of researching, we’ve put together this Danner Bull Run Review. There are lots of debates out there if these boots are worth the high price or not. We list all the pros and cons and let you decide if they’re worth trying or not.

We paid attention to details such as how well do they fit, how fast the leather breaks in, if they are comfortable, durable and grippy.

Danner is a brand known for its durable footwear. These boots are made in the US, as you can see they come with a stylish little USA flag stitched to the leather. The best thing about these boots is the full grain leather that is extremely durable and comfortable once it breaks in.


These Danners look beautiful, the stitching looks high quality, the white wedge sole gives a nice touch of fashion and elegance. You can clearly see the quality of the leather, which makes them more stylish and good looking.


These boots are comfortable even if they are worn 10-12 hours a day. The upper material is stiff enough to give you that secure and snug fit, but at the same time, it is soft enough to give your ankle the mobility and the comfort you need.

You won’t experience any pain, fatigue or discomfort, and that is the best thing you need in a work shoe. When you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes, your productivity decreases. Nobody likes fatigue, pain or blisters.


Prepare yourself for a painful and long break-in. May take up to a month! The leather is great, but it’s thick and stiff, and it will need a few days or more to break-in perfectly. To make the first weeks easier, it is recommended to oil them good or soak them in hot water the first weeks.

Once they’ve broken in, you are good to go and you can enjoy the soft cushioning and comfort that’ll last you years.

The leather upper is breathable. You can wear these even in hot weather. The leather allows air to flow and keep your feet fresh and cool, avoiding any sweating.


The sole is designed beautifully and they have a decent grip and durability. For the price, you would expect more. But the good thing is, the soles can be replaced easily once they wear out. Some people who work in rough asphalt roofing environments recommended that the outsole should be replaced in 6-8 months. Some even faster.

If you choose to replace them, go with a Vibram Outsole, that guaranteed offers the best traction and grip you need on slippery surfaces.


Once the leather breaks in, you will enjoy a tight and comfortable feeling around the ankles.

The lacing system is well though and it allows you to tighten the laces as much as you want until you get to a perfect fit.


This is where the Danner brand performs excellently. These shoes can last you years, even after seasons of hard roofing. The

Things we don’t like:

  1. Breaking in is a painful and long process.
  2. The sole can be improved.

Overall is a great choice at an affordable price for the quality it comes with. Are they worth the price? Yes, and no. If you care about durability and comfort – then totally! If you care about slip-resistance and quality of the sole – then no.

Do not forget, they are made in the USA and if you get over the breaking in process, these boots are an amazing choice for you.

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