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Korkers Tufftrax 3-in-1: Reviewed for Performance in 2018

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive review of the Korkers Tufftrax sandals (also known as overshoes), then this article is for you. We spent some good hours of research and apparently, on this huge internet, there isn’t too much info about this product.

However, we knew for sure that these Korkers sandals are extremely popular, so we didn’t want to give up on our research. We dug deeper and gathered all the information we could find from forums, reviews, and other blogs and today we share with you the results. Let’s get this review started.

The first important thing we noticed is that Korkers is not a pair of shoes! It’s an overshoe system that can be attached to an existing pair of boots.

It’s a smart and secure quick-release buckle and strap system that fit onto your existing boots.

It allows you to interchange 3 different types of outsoles:

  1. Soft Foam Sole
  2. Medium Density Composition Sole
  3. Spiked Rubber Sole

They only come with 1 SINGLE OUTSOLE: The Soft Foam Sole!

The other two types of soles (medium density, spiked rubber) must be ordered separately. This is one reason why people left some bad reviews, they didn’t read the description and thought Korkers come with all of the 3 outsoles.

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The name 3-in-1 is misleading. However, they are simply amazing in terms of quality, traction, grip, comfort, and durability.

The idea is extremely smart because roofers can save a lot of money with this system. It was designed for folks who don’t want to buy 3 pairs of shoes for each different type of roof.

The practicality is phenomenal. Today you may have to walk on metal and tomorrow on asphalt. All you have to do is change the outsoles, and you’re ready to go.

The Soft Foam Sole (comes with the system)

Is designed for metal roofing.

The foamy soles provide a great traction even on a wet metal roof and tile. They are grippy and “sticky”. They don’t work so well on dusty roofs. But definitely, a must try if you are installing metal roofs.

If they get dirty or muddy, clean them with water using a brush.

Medium Density Composition Sole (must be purchased separately)

If you have to walk on asphalt composition shingles, these soles are a perfect choice. They provide extra traction on asphalt roofs and will grip very well.

They don’t leave scuff marks on hot roofs. Not made for metal surfaces.

Spiked Rubber Sole (must be purchased separately)

Perfect if you work on steep wood shake roofs.

The spiked soles give you the traction you need without making any damage to the wood. Wood roofs are excessively slippery and often they can be wet or covered with moss. Some people use sharply spiked soles to walk on them, but that damage the roof and leave deep holes (see also ‘How To Patch A Hole In The Roof’).

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These Korkers spiked shoes are made of rubber to protect the wood while giving you a good traction.

Conclusion: Korkers TuffTrax 3 in 1 are the most practical option out there that comes in handy if your job implies to walk on different types of roofs from day to day.

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  1. Thanks for the information. Do the soft foam soles provide better traction than typical hiking/skate shoes? Or comparable? I have a unique scenario : I work for a non-profit that does solar work in various countries in Africa. Almost all our installations are on metal roofs. I’d like to provide something to our installers that would give them more grip on steep roofs. Due to differences in shoe-sizes, providing shoes is not practical, so I’m toying with the idea of these Korkers.


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