How To Clean Leather Boots

Leather Work Boot Cleaner and Conditioner: Quick Guide 2018

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Today you will learn how to clean your leather roofing boots and we’ll recommend the best leather work boot cleaner and conditioner. 

Owning a pair of leather boots comes with responsibility. You should develop a cleaning routine to take care of the leather and increase the longevity of your footwear. If you don’t properly clean your leather boots, the material can wear out fast, be more rigid and stiff and will look older than it is.

Once you pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of leather work boots, you’ll want to equip yourself with some good leather caring products too, so you could keep the boots as pretty and shiny as they were new.

Basically, your cleaning routine should be structured in these 2 easy steps:



By the end of this article, you will learn how to properly clean, maintain and polish your leather boots to maximize their durability, remove any bad smells and make them shine!

This process also softens the leather a bit, meaning that the level of comfort will increase. If your boots are brand new, then it is definitely recommended to oil them often to make the break-in process pain-free.


Remove the laces, get a good sponge and the best leather cleaner product.

In this step, you will clean all the dirt and grime off the boots and get rid of any bad odor.

If you choose the best leather boot cleaner, which in our opinion is Leather Honey, you will be able to remove even hard stains, dog smells, ink stains, paint spots and more.

Usually, most of the leather cleaners need to be diluted with water, you will have to check the instructions that come with your leather cleaner.

Our Top Recommendations for Leather Boot Cleaners:

1. Leather Honey Cleaner

Thousands of positive opinions made us choose this cleaner as the best leather boot cleaner ever. Even if you have an old pair of boots that look terrible, this cleaner will make them look refreshed and, as now.

2. Bickmore Leather Cleaner

This Leather Cleaner is our second choice, still very effective but recommended more for light stains.

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After the boots are cleaned from all the dirt, they will look much better. But for best results, you should follow up with a leather conditioner.

A Leather Conditioner will nourish the leather, make it soft and shinier. It will give your leather boots a fresh, vintage, amazing smell.

After you cleaned your leather boots, get a cloth and enjoy the process of conditioning your boots. These are our top choices for the best leather conditioner for boots.

1. Leather Honey Conditioner 

Here we are again with our top pick for the best leather conditioner. It will not impact the color of your boots and will make any old shoes look like new.

2. Red Wing Leather Conditioner 

The popular Red Wing Brand makes its own leather care products which are extremely high quality. With beeswax, it will make your boots look unique.

3. Chamberlain’s Leather Milk 

All Natural 2 in 1 – Conditioner and Cleaner it is one of the most popular choices out there to rejuvenate all types of leather products.

And Done!

You are all set, hope we helped you learn How To Clean your Leather Boots. If you choose the right products then you most definitely will enjoy the process of transforming old and ugly to new and beautiful.

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