Can You Paint Tile Roof

Can You Paint Tile Roof?

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In the past few years, upcycling has become very popular. When you think about it, there are a whole manner of things that can be improved by a lick of paint.

So if you notice that your tile roof is starting to look a little worse for wear cosmetically, you might be wondering if you can paint it.

Replacing your tile roof is an expensive job, and it is one that most people will avoid doing unless absolutely necessary.

It isn’t a job that you will usually do simply because you dislike the way that your roof looks.

So, can you paint your tile roof? In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at just that. So keep on reading to find out more!

Can You Paint A Tile Roof?

So, can you paint a tile roof? Well the answer is yes, and no.

Ultimately, whether, or not, you will be able to paint a tile roof depends on the type of roof you are considering painting. Certain roof tiles can be painted without issue, while others cannot.

Let’s take a look at the tiles that can be painted, and the tiles that cannot in a little more detail.

Tiles That Can Be Painted

If you want to paint your roof tiles, then the good news is that there are a number of different styles of roof tile that can be painted. So there is a fairly high chance that you will be able to paint your roof tiles.

If your roof tiles are made of either clay, concrete, or slate then you will be able to paint your roof tiles.

All of these materials can have paint applied to them, and some of these tiles are actually designed to be painted.

However, if you decide to paint any of these tiles, it is very important that you select the correct type of paint.

Your roof tiles are not something that you can simply touch up if the paint chips. So, it is very important that you select a type of paint that is durable.

For roof tiles, the best option is to use paint that is 100% acrylic. Acrylic paints aren’t expensive, but they are very resistant to UV rays, and they are easy to install too.

Before you start painting, it is very important that you prep the area. Without proper preparation, the paint will not adhere to the tiles.

As long as the preparation is done right, you can paint your roof tiles if they are made of clay, slate, or concrete.

Tiles That Cannot Be Painted

However, there are some roof tiles that cannot be painted. In particular, you cannot paint roof tiles that are terracotta. Terracotta roof tiles are fairly common, and most people will have seen these red tiles at some point.

Unfortunately, terracotta tiles cannot be painted simply because a glaze is applied to these tiles.

During the manufacturing process, a glaze is applied to these tiles to protect the terracotta material. This glaze is very shiny, and it provides a surface that prevents paint from sticking to it.

So, the reason that you cannot paint terracotta tiles isn’t because it will damage the tiles. It is simply because it is a waste of your time and money.

You can apply paint to terracotta tiles, but as they experience the elements, the paint will quickly chip away, completely reversing your hard work.

So, there really isn’t any point in painting your terracotta tiles.

Is Painting Your Tiled Roof A Good Idea?

Can You Paint Tile Roof

Most of the time, yes, painting your tiled roof is a good idea. If you want a quick fix to roof tiles that you dislike, then painting can be a great way to temporarily solve the problem. They are a surface-level fix.

But if the only thing that you dislike is the appearance of your tiles, then painting them is a better idea than replacing them.

As we have said, painting your tiled roof isn’t a good idea if your roof is made of terracotta tiles.

Painting your tiled roof also isn’t a good idea if your roof is damaged. Painting the roof will not fix the structural problems with it, so you will need to replace it.

If there is minor damage to your roof, such as slipped tiles, you shouldn’t paint the roof until these have been repaired.

The Pros And Cons of Paint Your Tile Roof

Now that we have taken a look at the types of roof tiles that you can paint, and the types of roof tiles that you cannot, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of getting this job done.


  • Painting your tiled roof can freshen it up, and make your roof look like new at the fraction of the cost of a new roof.
  • When you paint your tile roof, you will also clean it, and this can help prevent the build up of moss and other potentially damaging things.
  • Painting your tiled roof, allows you to get close enough to the roof to notice damage that you may not notice from the ground.
  • It is a cheap fix, and allows you to add your own stamp to your home.
  • When done correctly, and with the right materials, painting your tiled roof can actually increase the resale value of your home.


  • Painting your roof is just a temporary fix. If your roof looks discolored due to age, you will still need to replace your roof at a later point.
  • Painting your roof will not protect it from damage.
  • You will need to find an expert to paint your roof, and this can be time-consuming and costly.


In short, whether, or not you can paint a tile roof depends on the type of roof tiles you have.

Generally, as long as the tiles aren’t terracotta, you will be able to paint them. Use a good-quality, 100% acrylic paint, and the paint job should last for years to come.

Thank you for reading!

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