Cougar Paws Roofing Shoes

Cougar Paws Roofing Shoes Review

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Last Updated on June 15, 2022 by Todd

If you are a roofer, an estimator for a roofing company, an insurance adjuster, a chimney sweeper or just someone who climbs on roofs, then most probably you already know about Cougar Paws roofing shoes.

Cougar Paws is the number one brand in roofing footwear. They make roofing boots and accessories, all developed by a roofer named Dan Cougar. He founded Cougar Paws 22 years ago, in 1996.

The bottom of the shoes have lots of gripping power when you’re stepping on roofs. And the great part is that when you lose that traction over time, you can just go ahead and replace the pad on the bottom very easily.

It takes some muscles to pull the old pad off, it is in there very tight, but that secure fit is a good thing.

These Performer boots are the obvious choice if you have to walk on 9/12 and 12/12 steep roofs. They work really well. The added traction is awesome.

Some prefer to wear cheap roofing shoes with soft soles like hiking shoes, running shoes, skate shoes or tennis shoes.

But for those who want the extra grip, the extra comfort and security, we recommend choosing a professional roofing boot. If you choose pro footwear you’ll have twice as much traction, which means twice as much security.

A good work boot will be more expensive, but if you know how to choose the right one, you’ll actually save money in the long term. A professional roofing pair of shoes, like cougar paws, will last you longer.

And that’s one of the top features you should be looking for: durability.

This model gives you smart option to replace the soles when they wear out. That means you won’t have to buy a new pair when they’re done and you won’t have to have them resoled and pay for the service.

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When your cougar paws wear out, you simply order a new pair of soles (link to Amazon), put them on your existing shoes and you’re good to go!

The replacement pads are made of a soft bendable, flexible rubber that indeed lets you stick on the rooftop very well.

The cougar boots provide excellent high ankle support, having both shoelaces and a nice strap. They will give you a tight, secure fit in a comfortable way.

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