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Max Roofing Nailer SuperRoofer CN445R3 (Review & Buying Guide)

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Last Updated on June 15, 2022 by Todd

MAX Roofing Nailer CN445R3 is without any doubt one of our favorite nailguns on the market. It comes at a slightly higher price, but if you’re a professional planning to use this tool every day for many years to come, we think it’s well worth the investment.

Premium quality, perfect in terms of performance, lightweight, durable and comfortable. It’s a versatile and rugged tool that can be used for professional, industrial and DIY projects. 

To see how it stacks up to the competition, check our article on the best roofing nailers. In that article we reviewed, compared and rated top-rated models like Hitachi, Bostitch, Senco and more.

The CN445R3 is the newest model of the SuperRoofer line and it comes with great features:

  • Magnetic Nose
  • Full Round Driver
  • BladeDepth Adjuster
  • Self-Cleaning End Cap Filter
  • Tar Resistant Noise
  • 360-Degrees Swivel Fitting
  • Trigger Lockout
  • Ergonomic Grip

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We were pleasantly surprised to see so many professional contractors who say that MAX SuperRoofer is the best roofing nail gun they’ve ever had. These are people who previously used all the other top-rated brands like Hitachi, Bostitch, Paslode, Senco.

Specifications Value
Power Source Air-Powered
Operating Pressure 70-120 PSI
Magazine Capacity 120 nails
Weight 5.2 lbs (2.35 kg)
Collation Type Wire
Nail Gun Angle 15-degrees
Strip or Coil Coil
Minimum Fastener Size 3/4 inch (19mm)
Maximum Fastener Size 1- 3/4 inch (45mm)
Nail Shank Diameter 0.12 (3mm)

Lightweight, well-balanced and comfortable.


When you work 10-12 hours a day, it’s crucial to use lightweight and properly balanced tools. Holding and maneuvering heavy hand-tools brings unnecessary fatigue, pain, and stress on the muscles and eventually on the entire body.

You might think that 5.2 lbs are too much for a hand-tool. But actually, due to it’s ergonomic and well-built construction, this Max CN445R3 nailer feels great and light in your hands despite the 5.2 lbs.


The tool is properly balanced, it’s lightweight and the grip is ergonomic.

Due to the good balance, you feel you’re in control using this nail-gun, making it easy to drive nails with high precision.

360-Degrees Swivel Fitting 

It has a swivel fitting, allowing you to maneuver the nailer easily at any angle without having you to twist your wrists.

Made to last: Cast Aluminium Housing.


This MAX Super Roofer is a rugged tool designed to withstand abuse and rough work conditions. It has a cast aluminum housing that adds extra durability without making the tool too heavy.

The nose is tar resistant, that should last 8 times longer than conventional tools.

Smart & Patented Cleaning Feature

Self-Cleaning, Maintenance Free End Cap Filter

The tool comes with an end cap filter that doesn’t allow sand, dirt or other foreign substances to enter the tool. But it lets oil and air into the nailer.

This filter is designed with a self-cleaning feature, which ejects automatically all the unwanted substances from the tool.

Versatile: Professional, Industrial & DIY Use

It’s a straightforward nailer that performs excellently in industrial, professional or DIY use. It’s designed in a way to satisfy every type of user: from beginner to professional. The parts are logically placed, it’s comfortable to operate and it’s versatile.


  • Asphalt Shingles Installation
  • Fastening Fiberglass Shingles
  • Fastening Lath Wire to Plywood
  • Wooden Box Assembly
  • Siding Installation
  • Vinyl Siding possible with a special attachment

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MAX Roofing Nailer Comes With Adjustable Depth Control

It comes with an adjustable dial depth control, making it easy to adjust how deep or shallow you want to drive the nails: from flush, shallow and countersink.

For best performance, accuracy, and work-quality, it’s crucial to have this easy-to-adjust depth of drive feature.

Rapid Fire Trigger

It has a rapid-fire trigger that allows you to drive nails fast an easy. This is how it works: you hold the trigger and every time the tip bumps the work surface it drives a nail.

Due to the good balance, you can drive the nails fast with accuracy, letting you fire the nails in the right place every time.

The Secret of “almost” no Jamming: Magnetic Nose Feature

One of the most annoying things that can happen when you’re actively driving nails and trying to the job done is jamming. This tool almost never jams, and that’s a huge plus for a roofing nailer.

MAX designed the CN445R3 to prevent jamming as much as possible, by adding the magnetic nose. Because of the magnetic nose feature, the last nail of the coil remains in place without making the tool to jam. This allows you to drive the last nail with accuracy and without any problems.

Shingle Guide

All roofing nailers should be roofing friendly. That means that they should be designed to make the roofer’s job easier. The nailer comes with a handy shingle (see also ‘How Many Shingles In A Bundle‘) guide to help you align the shingles precisely every time.

Magazine Layout, Capacity and Nails

Max CN445R3 SuperRoofer comes with a side-loaded magazine, that’s easy to release and close.

The magazine can hold 120 coil nails, with a minimum size of 3/4 inch (19mm) and a maximum size of 1-3/4 inch (45mm). The nail shank diameter allowed is 0.12 inch (3mm).

The magazine is easy and comfortable to reload. This nailer accommodates the most common range of nail sizes used for roofing.

Trigger Lockout Feature: Never shoot blanks

The MAX nailer comes with a trigger lockout feature, that prevents the nailer from firing when the magazine gets empty.

This is a smart and important feature, that can increase your productivity and work-speed. When a nailer doesn’t come with a lockout feature, you can end up firing blanks without knowing. It is extremely frustrating to shoot blanks, look back and realizing no nails were driven.

The History of MAX SuperRoofer Line

MAX has been around since 1942 and it is one of the most trusted manufacturers of high-end industrial tools. According to MAX official website, their products are developed in Japan and manufactures in ISO9001 and ISO014001 certified factories.

The history of the Max SuperRoofer line is the following

1982: MAX created world’s first roofing nailer N12 for Bostitch

1996: MAX created the CN450R as their first MAX branded roofing nailer

Today: MAX created the latest roofing nailer model: The CN445R3, the one we reviewed today.

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