What Is A Cricket In Roofing

What Is A Cricket In Roofing?

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When you have a chimney installed onto your roof, you also need a cricket to be installed behind it.

This is a structure which helps water to flow down your roof and around your chimney. You may have wondered whether you need a cricket on your roof and why it is so important.

In this article, we will discuss what a cricket in roofing is and why you may need to consider getting one.

Cricket In Roofing

When water is flowing down your roof, you need the water to be able to reach the gutters. As a result, the water needs to have a clear path towards the gutters. Without this path, this can lead to the water going to areas it shouldn’t and a leaking roof.

As a result, a roof cricket is a double triangular structure that is built just behind your chimney on the roof. This is when it rains, any waste that would normally be collected around the chimney is directed away and towards the gutters.

This water will hit the cricket and split the water on each side of the chimney.

Then the water will naturally flow in the direction of your roof. If you don’t have a roof cricket then you will find that when it rains large pools of water will generate behind and around your chimney.

You shouldn’t have sitting water in these areas, as it can lead to leaks which are quite expensive to repair.

Why Do You Need A Cricket On A Roof?

As mentioned above, a cricket on your roof is an important structural component when it comes to your chimney. A roof cricket will ensure that water is correctly diverted from behind your chimney and towards the gutters.

In fact, crickets have become part of building code when it comes to roofs. In 2012, the International Building Code stated that any chimney was over 230 inches in width to have a cricket installed.

Therefore, if your roof and chimney is older than 2012, then you may notice that there isn’t a cricket.

However, when it comes to replacing your roof, you will need to have a cricket installed, as part of this regulation.

Sometimes, if you’re having your whole roof replaced, there may be a code upgrade in your insurance, which means your insurance company will pay for the costs of a cricket to be installed.

What Is A Roof Cricket Made From?

When it comes to getting your roofing cricket installed, you can decide on what kind of materials are used on the structure.

With this being said, a lot of people like to match the materials used on their roof to the cricket. However, the materials used on your roof cricket don’t have to be the same materials used on your roof.

Therefore, your roof cricket can be made from the same shingles that you used on your roof. Or you can use a piece of remembrance or metal on as your cricket instead.

Generally, the material that is used to create our roof cricket will vary depending on your budget and the style you are after.

For someone who is on a strict budget, and the material isn’t a concern for you, then I would recommend matching the roof cricket to your roof. As you will already have the materials as you brought them for your roof anyway.

Will Installing A Cricket Affect The Price Of Your Roof?

Replacing a roof (see also ‘How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof?‘) or any roofing repairs carry a high price tag with them. However, you may have wondered whether installing a cricket will affect the price of your roof installation, and the answer is yes!

Installing a roof cricket is going to affect the price of your roof replacement. This is because you will need to purchase extra materials, which sometimes are different sizes to the materials already being used on the roof.

In addition to that, you will have to pay for the extra labor that is needed to install the roof cricket correctly.

As a result, the extra time, materials and effort needed to finish your roof replacement, will add extra money to the overall bill.

However, due to a roof cricket being a necessary structure that you need if you have a chimney, then you will have to find a way to cover these extra costs.

These extra costs could be between $150 to $500. However, it will depend on the difficulty of the roof and installation, which will affect the overall price for your cricket.

Do All Chimneys Need A Cricket?

It is common to see crickets on roofs, but not every chimney needs a cricket. Only chimneys that are 30 inches or more wide are required to have a chimney.

However, if you have a chimney that is thinner than 30 inches wide, then a cricket isn’t necessary.

If you are concerned about sitting water on your roof, especially behind the chimney, then you should consider getting a cricket installed.

However, due to every roof having a natural slope, sitting water shouldn’t be an issue when your chimney is less than 30 inches wide.


When you think of crickets, your mind may go straight for animals. However, a cricket in roofing is a really important structural element that helps to ensure water on the roof will flow towards the gutters.

This is a great way to prevent leaks from occurring on your roof.

Installing a roof cricket can be expensive, but if your chimney is 30 inches or wider than it is now part of regulations for a cricket to be installed on your roof.

We hope you have found this article to be informative and have a better understanding on what a cricket is when it comes to roofs.

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