Best 18 Professional Roofing Shoes Ranked in 2019 (quick list)


Picking the right roofing shoes is not easy. There are so many different brands, and if you’re just getting started into roofing, or into any other jobs that require you to work on roofs, it can get really tricky to choose the best shoes for the job.

Roofs can be made from all kind of materials like metal, asphalt, clay, slate, concrete, wood. And all these different types of roofs require different types of shoes. Some are more slippery than others and are pretty dangerous.

What shoes to wear for metal roofing?

A metal roof is extremely slippery by default, especially if it’s wet or covered with dust, oil residue or pollen. On metal surfaces, you need boots or shoes with rubberized outsoles. An outsole made of rubber gives the best grip and traction even on a wet metal roof.

You need soft soled and lightweight shoes. Heavy and rigid work boots can damage the roof surface very easily.

If you’ll be working on metal roofs, check out our latest article on the best roofing shoes for metal roofing.

Besides traction and grip, you need to pay attention to durability, comfort, breathability, weight, ankle flexibility and protection.

Fortunately, we did all the hard work and research for you. Below, you’ll find a list of the best 17 professional roofing shoes available today. Obviously, professional shoes are more expensive than casual skate or tennis shoes.

Our picks have added traction, are comfortable and made to last. Remember that besides shoes, you need to take other safety measures as well: harness, safety ropes, fall protection systems.

Top 17 Roofing Shoes We Recommend:

1. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage

Thorogood brings some of the most popular and good looking work boots. Full grain leather, great cushioning (shock-absorbing insoles) and the best type of outsole: MaxWear Wedge. They are extremely durable and perform really well on asphalt and metal roofs. They also come in Steel Toe version.

2. Thorogood Lace To Toe Roofer Boots

If you are a roofer, then you definitely are familiar with these popular Thorogood roofer boots. The lacing system is unique (lace to toe), giving you that tight and secure feeling from your toes to your ankles.

The outsole is made from MaxWear Wedge (better than Vibram), which will last you a long time.

3. Red Wing Heritage Classic

If you want to be envied by your colleagues, then you show up at work wearing these classic Red Wings. They are not only fashionable, they are very practical too. Come with a rubber outsole that gives you a sticky grip on slippery surfaces. Durable leather, slip-resistant and waterproof.

4. Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Boot

One of our favorite shoes we love to recommend to our readers is the Merrell Moab 2 (the newly released lines 3 are also great). They’re lightweight, extremely comfortable, with slip-resistant Vibram outsoles. They come in many variations: waterproof (good for cold weather),vent (good for summer, super breathable), and low-cut style too.

The price is reasonable and they fit as expected. Perfect for metal roofing and for asphalt roofing as well.

5. Timberland PRO Barstow Wedge Sole

With the one and only Timberland Anti-Fatigue Technology, these timberlands are one of the most comfortable boots out there. The wedged sole will give you the traction and the friction you need even on a wet roof. The toe room is pretty wide, to give room for your toes and raise the level of comfort.

6. Irish Setter Red Wing Work Boot

These boots tick all the boxes being one of the best choices out there. They come with the following features: heat resistant, electrical hazard protection, waterproof, safety toe.

The outsole is very durable, uppers are made from full grain leather. Irish Setter is a brand owned by Red Wing, so expect the quality to be fantastic.

7. Danner Work Boot

Danners are handcrafted and stitched in the USA. The boots are known for its high quality leather and its durability. The break-in process is painful and it takes a few weeks. But once you pass the first weeks, they are extremely comfortable and durable to withstand the harsh roofing work conditions … [Read Full Review]

8. Red Wing Heritage Round Boot

What’s special about these boots is the round toe design. It’s meant to give extra room to your toes and that makes it perfect for people with wider feet. The round toe design increases the comfort.

They’re made of an extremely high-quality leather which is durable to last you hard seasons of roofing. Red Wing is one of the most respected brands known for its high quality work footwear.

9. Ever Boots Ultra Dry *best budget*

If you are looking for good and cheap roofing options, then Ever Boots might be the perfect choice for you. They perform really well on every roof surface, including metal roofing! They are made of leather, fit as expected, are light, waterproof and the outsole is rubber. And the best thing about them is the price.

10. Timberland PRO Soft Toe

Timberland PRO line is made for hardworking people. These soft toe timberlands are durable and comfortable. The sole provides great traction, the ankle has a great flexibility, you can squat in any weird angle you need without feeling unsafe.

11. Caterpillar Work Boot

 CAT makes one of the best work boots in the world for almost all the industries. These Caterpillar shoes perform really well on rooftops, the sole is synthetic and people say that they work well even on metal surfaces. They should last you years, the comfort is maximum and breaking in process is pain-free.

12. Cougar Paws Performer Boot

Obviously, we couldn’t leave out Cougar Paws. You cannot go wrong with these boots, they are made for roofers by a roofer, and have a fabulous grip and traction.

The outsole pads are replaceable to fit your needs. If you want comfort, durability and that safe feeling on steep roofs, Cougar Paws won’t let you down. [Read The Full Review Here]

13. Thorogood American Moc Toe 

Classy, professional, durable, they come with fiberglass shank and MAXWear Wedge Outsole which is also oil and slip resistant. MAXWear Soles from Thorogood compete with Vibram and they should last you up to 30% longer. The comfort is maximum, are designed to last and face rough work conditions.

14. Keen Utility Milwaukee Work Boot

 This is a pair that was not created especially for roofers, but we thought is an interesting choice. The outsole is slip and oil resistant, made of rubber and that should give you a nice traction. Are comfortable and come with electrical hazard protection.

15. Wolverine Work Boots

 This model of Wolverine Shoes is a popular choice among roofers. They don’t last as much as Thorogood, but you can safely rely on them for some seasonal roofing jobs. The full-grain leather is the most resistant, perfect for asphalt roofing, and they seem to be really comfy.

16. Chippewa Plain Toe Boot

As you already know, the outsole is very important when working on any type of roof surface. Chippewa Boots have the Vibram Wedge Outsole, which gives traction and grip. 

They are made from a breathable leather which will keep your feet dry and maximize your productivity. They’re not the best option out there, but because of their popularity we decided to add them to our top.

17. Georgia Wedge Work Boot

 This is a classic.  The outsole is designed for construction workers and is very, very comfy. The sole is flat and will give you that friction you need on steep roofs. Full-grain leather and fits as expected.

18. Skechers USA Utility Boot

 These low shoes are not made for roofing but people seem to love them on shingles. They provide a decent good traction and the rubber sole gives you a safe feeling on wet surfaces. They are not recommended for metal roofing, since the sole is not flat. If you prefer low cuts, these ones won’t let you down.

Things We Considered

 Grip and traction to keep you from slipping off the roof.

✓ The outsole of the boots must be made from a non-slip material (eg. Vibram, MAXwear).

Comfort and great cushioning.


You’ll be constantly squatting and kneeling in different angles, so the shoes should provide maximum flexibility to your ankle.

Laces, laces, laces. You need shoes with a good lacing system to perfectly fit your feet.

Breathability. During hot temperatures, you need a pair of boots that allows air to flow and that keeps your feet dry.

 They should be made from an authentic, soft but rigid leather (eg. full grain)


We hope we helped you make the right choice. If you have any suggestions or if you feel like we have missed something, comment below.

Happy Roofing!


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